St. Mary, St. Patrick, St. Philip Parishes September 25, 2022

PO Box 35 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Seneca WI 54654

Website: https://www.catholicchurchesofncc.com/


Mass Intentions This Week





4:00 PM

St. Mary

+ Bernard Murphy (Peggy Ryan)




7:00 PM

St. Patrick

+ Fr. James McNamee (Fr. Tom)




7:30 AM

St. Patrick

Living & Deceased Members of My Parishes




9:00 AM

St. Mary

+ Virgil Drake (Theresa Ludlow)




10:30 AM

St. Patrick

+ Grace Murphy (Robin, Mary, & Gracie Babb)




8:30 AM

St. Patrick

+ Sandra Green (Julie & Russ Chambers Family)




8:30 AM

St. Philip

+ Rob & Mary Walsh & Children (Katherine A Walsh)




8:30 AM

St. Patrick

+ Elaine Schmitt (Owen & Diane DuCharme)




8:30 AM

St. Mary

+ All Souls




8:30 AM

St. Patrick

+ Deceased Members of Oppriecht Family

(Jerry & Diane Oppriecht)






27th Sunday in Ordinary Time




7:00 PM

St. Patrick

+Kay Bird (Mike & Jeanne Boland)




7:30 AM

St. Patrick

+ Larry Kelley (Phyllis Olson)




9:00 AM

St. Mary

Living & Deceases Members of My Parishes




10:30 AM

St. Philip

+ Paul & Elaine Kinney (Fred Tiller)

Confessions: Usually 30 minutes before every Mass and by appointment.


Monthly Eucharistic Adoration:

* St. Patrick: First Friday after the 8:30 AM Mass

* St. Philip: First Sunday after the 10:30 AM Mass with confessions for 30 minutes. (See Oct. 2)


Pastor: Fr. Tom Huff -- [email protected]

608-734-3252 (St. Patrick's Rectory phone number - on which one can leave a message) or 608-306-1832 (cell phone which is not always on me)

Bookkeeper: Angie Martin -- 608-734-3931 [email protected]

Bulletin/Mass Intentions/Membership: Yvonne Hady -- 608 485-2109 [email protected]

Or 608-735-4420 [email protected]

In St. Mary’s office Wednesdays, 9:30 – 11:30 AM. (Not 9/28)

Bulletin Information Deadline: Tuesdays at 4:00 PM. Bulletin is posted on our website.

Early bulletin Deadline for Oct. 2 Bulletin – 9:00 AM Tue, Sept. 27.


Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24 & 25 St. Mary Apple Fest Pancake Breakfast

7:00-11:30 AM at Community Ctr.

4 PM additional Mass on Saturday, September 24th at St. Mary's Parish

(All the other weekend Masses at the 3 parishes are as usual)

Tue., Sept. 27 Early bulletin deadline – 9:00 AM -- Yvonne in office

Wed., Sept. 28 Adult Faith Study 7:00 PM at St. Mary

Sun., Oct. 2 St. Philip Fall Festival, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

No Eucharistic Adoration & Confessions after Mass


St. Mary


St. Patrick


St. Philip














Fall/Bazaar Don.








Votive Candles


Raffle Prize Don.










Wedding Banns for Lucus John Burbach and Alayna Rose Miller, who will exchange their wedding vows at St. Philip’s Parish on October 8, 2022.


From the Pastor’s Desk:

The Lesson of Dives and Lazarus.


Parties are very much double-edged. They can welcome and they can exclude. Dives is the name given to the rich man of our parable. He welcomes his five brothers to a party. And even though Lazarus camps out near his house, Dives even fails to give Lazarus some of the leftovers. Indeed Lazarus becomes so weak that he is unable to fend off the neighborhood dogs, which lick his ulcerating sores.


After death, all gets reversed. The angels escort Lazarus to the bosom of Abraham, which is an image of heaven that implies the religious moral goodness of Lazarus, while Dives finds himself suffering in Hell.


This reversal is not simply because Lazarus was poor and the rich man was rich. It is because Dives neglected Lazarus day after day. He had not treated him as a human being of equal dignity. Even in Hades Dives expects Lazarus to be his errand-boy.


Dives asks that Lazarus be sent from the dead to his brothers to warn them. He claims that his brothers will listen and repent, to use some of their wealth and time to do good for others. Well, Jesus did return from the dead. And He invites us to open our minds and hearts to others and avoid the fate of the rich man in the parable. Do we listen to Jesus? Do we care for other either directly or indirectly?


After our journey in this world our place of destiny in the afterlife is determined by our morally good or evil actions, by our attentiveness to the needs of others or by our neglect, by the love we have for God, or our lack of love for Him.


The message of the parable is to do good, to use our time, treasures and talents not only for ourselves, but also to help others in need, either directly or indirectly, and in such good deeds, glorifying God. Mother Teresa makes a good point when she said; “If you can’t help a hundred people, then help just one.”



St. Mary Announcements:

Join us for the Apple Fest Pancake Breakfast at the Community Center on Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24 & 25. Serving 7 – 11:30 AM each day. Free will offering. Daily 50-50 raffle drawings, need not be present to win.

St. Philip Announcements:


No Eucharistic Adoration and Confession after Mass on Sunday, October 2 at St. Philip’s Parish due to the Annual Pulled Pork Fundraiser following the 10:30 Mass.


St. Philip will have our fundraiser this year on Sunday, Oct. 2. We will be serving pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw and pie. Raffle tickets will be sold again.



St. Patrick’s Announcements:


A BIG THANK YOU to Mary Oetzel for a recent donation to Saint Patrick’s Cemetery of $10,000.00 for the beautification and maintenance of the cemetery grounds.


A BIG THANK YOU to Elaine Schmitt for recently leaving Saint Patrick’s Parish $20,000.00 in her will, in memory of the Tucker Family, for the protective glass project on our stained glass church windows.

May the Good Lord reward their thoughtfulness and generosity.


Knights of Columbus Trinity Council Life Savers for Life:
Dear friends, Trinity Council will be giving away Life Savers after masses the weekend of October 8 and 9. Any donations you chose to make will go toward Pro-Life projects such as Pregnancy Centers and ultrasounds. We really appreciate your generosity and support of this program. THANK YOU

Tri-Parish Announcements:

St. James Fall Festival will be held at Seneca Town Hall on Saturday, October 8th from 11 am to 3 pm.  Food, games, bouncy house and silent auction.  All ages welcome.  If interested in volunteering, donating baskets or baked goods for the silent auction please contact Debbie Smrcina at 608-734-9970.  St. James Annual Mass on Sunday, October 9th at 1:30 pm in Rising Sun.


Tri-Parish Prayer List – We want to pray for the ill and others in our parishes who need ongoing prayer. To be placed on or to place someone on our prayer list, please call:

St. Mary – Sue Peterson 608-735-4865, St. Philip – Bonnie Murphy 608-386-4954,

St. Patrick – Ica Boylen 608-734-3287.


St. Mary

St. Patrick

St. Patrick

St. Philip

Betty Raha

Florence Kozelka

Marilyn Trehey

Mick McCormick

David Jacobsen

Don Schwendinger

Michael Monehen

Eunice Brown

Beth Holmes

Marian Beall

Janice Coggins

Jenna Friar

Maria Camacho

Bob Wharton

John Lyon

Kevin Boarts

Marilyn Thompson

Sharon Boylen

Amy Palmer Ankerson

Kiara Meier

John Johnson

Rob Donohue

Linda Marler

Tom Gillette

Royce Havlik

Greg Roth

Steve Morarend

Sue Tiller

Rita Helgerson

Shay Vought

William Wright

Peter Regenery

Marvin Hanson

Jeff Croke

Claudia Safley

Ben Huebsch


Todd Safley

Charles Hash

Jim O’Connor




Sean O’Donoghue

Joyce Ehorn Iverson


General Announcements:


Have you asked someone recently? Do you know someone in your life who you think would make a good priest? Have you ever told him that? If not, you should! A significant, contributing factor to young men discerning the priesthood has been the invitation and encouragement they receive from others, particularly parents, teachers, mentors and role models. Don’t be afraid to tell a young man that he would make a good priest, as that may be just what he has been waiting for. Once you encourage him, don’t hesitate to put him in contact with me to continue that conversation. I can be reached at: Fr. Nate Kuhn, Director of Vocational Recruitment for the Diocese of La Crosse, 3710 East Ave. S. PO Box 4004, La Crosse, WI 54602; or by phone at: 608.791.2667. God bless you.  

Are you considering a vocation or discerning your life’s vocation? This fall the Sisters of the Franciscan Congregation of Divine Mercy are offering the following opportunities at the Merciful Heart of Jesus Farm in Marshfield.

*For single men and women: “Discernment Workshop” on Oct. 15th. This workshop will begin with Holy Mass. It will offer instruction to help you discern God’s Will for your state in life, whether that be to the married state, the religious life, or the single life.

*For single women age 18 and above: “Discernment Weekend for those considering religious life,” Oct. 1st and 2nd – A two day opportunity, beginning with Holy Mass, to join with the Sisters of the Franciscan Congregation of Divine Mercy in prayer and work. Guidelines for discerning a vocation and individual time to receive guidance as regards your personal vocation will be offered.

*For single young women age 17 and under: “Share the Day with Us” on Oct. 9th. A one day opportunity to spend the day with the Sisters for those who might be considering a vocation to religious life.

*Open to single women age 18 and above: “Stay with Us”. A one to three month opportunity for eligible women to live with the Sisters and share in their prayer and work. Women must pass an application process in order to be eligible. Teaching on discerning God’s Will for your life and vocation and time to discuss God’s calling for your life will be available.

For further information or to register for any of the above, please contact Mother Mary Veronica at 715-451-2395 or at [email protected] For more information, please visit fcofdivinemercy.org


DIVINE MERCY IN MY SOUL--- DIVINE MERCY IN MY SOUL---“As we view the Image of Divine Mercy, we are called to respond by embracing the BLESSING, realizing the best way to make reparation and console the Heart of Jesus is to RECEIVE His mercy with gratitude and expectant faith, placing all our trust in Him.”   (Seven Secrets of Divine Mercy)


Marriage Moment

Woe to the complacent…” (Amos 6: 1) Sometimes in marriage we settle into a comfortable routine – Fine. But sometimes that routine morphs into boredom. Does your marriage need a change of pace to refresh it? OR, Maybe you’ve had enough excitement lately and you just need to chill. Decide together. ~ Susan Vogt


Though our Lord Jesus Christ was rich, he became poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich.” (2 Corinthians 8:9)